Plexaderm Skin Care

How to Buy Authentic Plexaderm, and Avoid Scam Counterfeit Plexaderm

Counterfeit definition: Counterfeits are fraudulently produced imitations with intent to deceive. Counterfeiting is a crime and can cause consumer safety and health concerns. Be sure you buy authentic Plexaderm by purchasing from our Official store.There has been a recent issue with customers contacting us after receiving Plexaderm that does not look like, or work like our product. It has been determined that these customers have purchased through third-party websites including Amazon, Ebay, and other common consumer sites, which unfortunately do not monitor the products being sold by unauthorized sellers as genuine and authentic Plexaderm. We have no knowledge of the counterfeit product composition and caution buyers to be skeptical of Plexaderm purchases from sources that are not authorized sellers. If you are unsure about your Plexaderm, please call us directly. We can be reached at 800-681-0366 or by email at

Plexaderm No Tolerance Clause

The Plexaderm® name, logo and product images are protected under trademark and/or copyright laws. We are commited to protecting our copyrights, trademarks and intellectual property from counterfeiting and unauthorized use.

Plexaderm and its logos are registered trademarks and may not be used or reproduced on a reseller's website or any third-party websites used by a reseller without the consent of Plexaderm by True Earth Health Products/Sheer Science.

Advertising or otherwise marketing for sale Plexaderm Skincare products in any manner that is factually incorrect or otherwise misleading or illegal is prohibited.